Marketers: What can APIs do for you?

What can APIs do for you?

As a marketer, you may have encountered the term “API.” You might have even heard what it stands for: “Application Programming Interface.” The good news is that nobody will expect you to remember that. Here’s the bad news—you have no idea how they actually work. You know they’re important, but they’re hard to learn about and even harder to use. Bu…

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#AzuquaMoves - In Pictures

After 21 months at our post-TechStars office in the Rubber Building, Azuqua has moved to a brand new space at 619 Western. We have fond memories of our modest beginnings, but we've outgrown the old and it's time for the new - one with more space to house Azuqua as we continue to grow. With 6,000 square feet, (4x the size of our last space) we now…

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What it Means to be Cool

what it means to be cool

Azuqua was recently designated a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in the BPM space, and it got us thinking about what “cool” really means. The dictionary definition uses words like “impressive,” “hip,” and “excellent.” While that’s all true, to us it also means providing a simple solution to a complicated problem. It means humanizing technology for the user.…

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Azuqua Named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Business Process Management

Azuqua Enables Rapid Business Process Management for the Cloud Era Seattle, WA, April 28, 2015 – Azuqua ( today announced that it has been recognized by Gartner Inc. as a 2015 Cool Vendor in Business Process Management. Azuqua is a SaaS-based business process management platform that eliminates the use of virtual machines (VM) for pr…

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How to Connect APIs in 2 Minutes and 18 Seconds

What would you do with 58 more minutes in a day? Let’s say you spend an hour a day triaging customer support issues. With Azuqua, you could take a real lunch break, engage with more customers, or make more sales instead. We think you should be able to automate repetitive manual workflows and take back your time. Azuqua gives you the ability to buil…

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How the Smartest Marketers Optimize Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit

During an undefined year between the Lord of the Rings books and the movies, I started playing a game with my siblings on family road trips. “I’m going on an adventure and I’m bringing a tent, a cooler, a pair of binoculars, extra socks…uh oh, I forget what’s next.” Know the game? Now, I’m grown up and going on an adventure to Marketo’s M…

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