Azuqua has joined forces with Okta

Okta has acquired Azuqua and is incorporating Azuqua’s no-code application integration and workflow technology into the Okta Identity Cloud. Workflows enhance Okta’s ability to automate the flow of information between applications and services for everyone in an organization — from employees to partners, and customers.

Initially, we’ll use workflows to enhance Okta’s Lifecycle Management product, enabling Okta customers to further customize and automate the control of identities across lifecycle states, from onboarding to offboarding, based on business rules and policies. Over time, we’ll incorporate workflows across Okta’s products.

Key Features

No-code Workflow Designer

Intuitively model and automate business processes.

Pre-built Integrations

Quickly create workflows between Okta and apps.


I’m a current Azuqua customer. Who should I contact for account questions and support?

Please email

I’m a current Okta customer. Can I sign up for a beta program for workflows?

Not yet. We’ll alert Okta customers when a beta program is available.

I’m not a current Azuqua customer. Can I sign up for an Azuqua account or purchase it as a stand-alone product?

No. Azuqua is no longer available as a stand-alone product for new customers.